The Importance of a Construction Expert Witness

Construction Expert WitnessA legal claim can be damaging to a construction project, yet they occur on a regular basis. Why is this? Lawsuits can be based on an assortment of factors related to the project. Minor and major things such as: delays, lack of performance or even wrongful death can be brought to court – which is why legal proceedings have become common. These claims are all under trier of fact in relation to construction laws. A construction expert witness can actually be the deciding factor in determining the outcome of a case.
A construction expert’s testimony relies on following up-to-date construction laws. This means that a legal claim can be looked over by the expert to decide who is in the right and the wrong.
Some of the qualifications that a construction expert witness should have are thorough knowledge of construction laws and industry standards. They must be well-versed and be able understand the technical aspects of the legal processes – since they provide a testimony themselves. Because of the constant advancements in technology, a construction expert must be able to stay up-to-date with all of the processes and codes that are constantly being introduced. There are numerous construction consulting services that are well-qualified that you can seek counseling from if a legal matter were to come up.
By hiring a construction expert witness, you’ll be receiving a testimony – that persuades the trier of facts – as well as the potential to close the case with a win on your end. If you feel as you are abiding by your contract and should not be held accountable, a construction expert will further validate your claims by verifying all of the facts.
Bio: Lyle Charles is the president of Lyle Charles Consulting, a construction and business consulting firm offering services to corporations, owners, directors, contractors, construction managers, sub-contractors, attorneys, and engineers.