Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue, A Book Review

In the book, Create Abundance, Zhang Xinyue explains how to use words to convey powerful images. By choosing the right words, we can cause someone to alter what they believe about certain subjects. Great orators have been able to completely change the beliefs of a whole society. We forget how powerful our words can be.

You must begin to assess your current thought life. Examine what you believe. Think about the way you speak and the things you say each day. Makes notes about these things. Sometimes we say things and don’t even realize how they sound. So, write down what you say. Look at it. Are you okay with this? Do you have limiting beliefs in certain areas? Be honest with yourself.

We tell ourselves that certain beliefs are okay. We don’t really think about what it all means. As children, we all have flaws but as we become adults, we are responsible to change how we think and what we say. Toxic words produce negative effects. You and others may suffer. As we become the best version of ourselves, we begin to live at a higher frequency. Life is better there. It’s fuller and richer.

Below is a quote from the book, Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue:

“It is time to change the patterns of the past so we can enjoy a richer future. Instead of being doomed to repeat the cycles of devastating losses, why not shake off the shackles of old thinking to create a totally new lifestyle?”

Handle Your Intellectual Property Management

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