The IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure, Take Advantage

You need to be sure to take advantage of the IRS offshore voluntary disclosure program in order to be able to save money and exposure to the Internal Revenue Service.  No one wants to have to pay any fines or anything like that to the IRS, but this program can help you in a big way.

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When you have foreign sourced income, you are now required to make a filing with the Internal Revenue Service.  Under the Bank Secrecy act, you need to file a form that is known as form TD F 90-22.1.

You need to file this form if any of your foreign accounts have a balance that is equal to or greater than $10,000 at any point during the year.  This is in the aggregate, which means that you have to add up the balances of all of your foreign accounts to see if you get above this number.

The idea here is that the Internal Revenue Service wants to be able to cut down on the use of these foreign accounts to hide things such as interest income, dividend income, and so on.  Failure to make this filing can come with heavy penalties including imprisonment of a period of not more than five years.


The IRS offshore voluntary disclosure program can be a great asset to get this filing in even if you are after the deadline.  The Law Offices Of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C. can help you learn about the offshore voluntary disclosure program and what it entails

How Beauty Salon Management Software Can Increase Sales

Beauty salons are always looking for ways to increase their revenue, attract more customers, retain current customers, and improve upon their overall net profit at the end of the day.  Beauty salon management software has really started to make a splash on the beauty salon scene.  This is due to the fact that it is allowing salons to free up expenses to staff on call to answer phones and do scheduling, and it can also help bring in more customers due to scheduling flexibility.

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One of the big ways in which this type of software is helping salons increase sales figures is that it is allowing people to schedule appointments online whenever they have free time.  Picture a group of women who are together and who are thinking about all making a time where they can go and get their hair done together.  It may be very difficult for each person to call the salon and try and find times that will work for everyone.  With new scheduling software in place, this group can log right online onto a website of the salon, and see what is available for appointments, and book something right online.  This makes the salon much more accessible across the board.

Hair salon appointment software is a game changer in the salon industry, and this type of hair salon management software is bringing salons into the black, and out of the red.  Some of the quicker and easier salon solutions can be researched.  As a salon owner, you cannot afford not to see what they can offer you.

Alternative Methods Of Transferring Money Globally

When you decide to transfer money on a global scale, there are few different paths and methods that you can take.  The end result is that you are looking for a safe and secure means of sending money away online, from one person or one bank account to another person or bank account.  So what are the main ways of transferring money on a global scale and how can they work for you?

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The most common way to transfer money globally is via an electronic transfer.  An electronic transfer will take place between banks where one bank will electronically send money to another bank.  It is quite easy to executive one of these transfers, but there are times when there can be fees and such associated with it.

Another alternative means is a physical transfer where you are using a personal of business check.  A cashier’s check can also be used to transfer money on a global scale, as can cash.

The best and most reliable, secure method of money transfer is a global transfer through a service such as the one offered by Solidtrustpay.   The next time that your brother calls you from China or a different part of the world and says that they need money, you do not have to stress.  Solid trust pay can quickly and easily allow you to send money all over the globe without much stress and worry involved. With a service such as this, you will be able to quickly hop on your computer and make a secure transfer in a way that you will not have to stress over.