Moving Past Struggles: Investment Motivation from Great Names

investment-motivationInvesting, starting a business and growing that foundation is never easy, but the challenge is part of what motivates us. Occasionally, the world can seem like it’s falling apart all around us. For those moments, we invite you to share in this important wisdom about dealing with the struggles life throws our way.

“You have to welcome an investor into your story and make them believe.”

-Wes Selke

Before you can begin your journey, you need solid financial footing. That’s your first challenge, and rejection is common in those early days. Don’t take it to heart; instead focus on what you’re not showing to investors. What roadblocks are standing in the way of telling the complete story of your business? Figure out how to refine your elevator pitch with the intention to create an emotional connection.

“I Have Found 10,000 Ways Something Won’t Work. I Am Not Discouraged…”

-Thomas Edison

There’s a million ways to say it, but Edison’s is particularly eloquent. Failure is simply a part of success. This viewpoint helps you understand that failure is its own success, in a way. You’ve managed to definitively discover what does not work. Now the onus is on you to figure out what will.

“All You Can Do is Drill, and Promote the Story, Drill and Promote the Story”

-Dev Randhawa

In the energy market, events outside your control often affect the global supply or demand. The same is true for many industries, and you’re left with the work you do and the drive to do it. This advice from Dev Randhawa is to make sure you not only perform your due diligence, but you trust your findings. Honing a critical eye for market forces, learning what is and is not outside your control, will help steady your resolve and keep you focused.